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Radar Detectors

Posted in driving by dingodonkey on August 31, 2009

I live in New York State.  Our police all deny having traffic ticket quotas, but nobody believes them.  Of course they do.  I’ve gotten parking tickets for parking in front of fire hydrants where there were no fire hydrants, and speeding tickets for going over 80mph when I was barely above the limit (65mph).  If you don’t think that sounds too bad, you should see what our tickets can run — I paid around $650 for one speeding ticket, and I wasn’t exactly driving recklessly or faster than the flow of traffic.

After that, I decided to get a radar detector.  Contrary to popular wisdom, they’re not illegal here.  You can be ticketed for having a windshield obstruction, but people drive around with state-mandated stickers all over their windshields, GPS units mounted in stupid places, EZ-Pass transmitter things mounted wherever, etc.  You only get ticketed if its a radar detector and you were getting pulled over for speeding anyway, which is pretty easy to avoid if you’re an alert driver (and the radar detector can help keep you alert).

After reading a bit on Radar Busters, I determined that it was worth the money to buy a higher-quality model.  Most of the $100-$200 ones aren’t very reliable, and tend to have poorer range.  Or they don’t detect laser, which is in use where I live.  So I picked up an Escort 8500 X50.  This thing has been picking up cops with a mile notice, including well-hidden ones I wouldn’t have spotted in time.  I’ll never go back.

$299.95?  Worth every penny.