Pure Premium

The Resurrection

Posted in meta by dingodonkey on July 16, 2009

I’m bringing this baby back from the dead.  Prepare yourself for a world of awesome.

The format will be quite simple.  I maintain a LiveJournal at dingodonkey.livejournal.com, in which I post most anything that comes to my mind.  It’s pretty low-quality stuff, not intended for an audience.  It’s truly a journal, not a blog.  The things I write or link to there are primarily an archive for my own purposes, but it also serves as a means of keeping up with a select few friends and sharing things that I think they would care about.  Again, it’s not a blog.

But a lot of stuff goes into it that could be expanded into a real blog, if only I put a little more effort in.  That’s were this comes in.  This is going to be that blog.  I will post regularly, but I won’t flood with every little thing I want to keep a record of.  You see, I’m going to continue to do the bulk of my posting in the LiveJournal.  Those posts will continue to be stream-of-consciousness plus “ooh here’s a link that so-and-so would like to read and that I don’t want to lose”.  That journal will be continually culled for content for Pure Premium — content that will be revised and polished so as to warrant your ever-faithful reading.

The theme is as simple as it is vague: sharing the fruits of my attempts to understand and appreciate the world and all that is.


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